About Robert DeVore - Robert DeVore

About Robert DeVore

Robert has been online since 1998 when his family got their first computer.

He’s lived through Angelfire, Geocities, AOL chatrooms, Myspace and countless other internet relics.

Before working with WordPress, he was knee deep in table based html layouts and ultra-basic php code.

After realizing a CMS was a growing requirement for his personal web projects and freelance clients, he found WordPress (version 1.5) in 2005 and never looked back.

Because in his words “open source saved my life“, he’s released multiple free WordPress themes and plugins to the WordPress community.

Robert blended his love for open source and WordPress with the cannabis industry and released WP Dispensary which is a complete dispensary menu management solution for WordPress.

In his spare time, Robert likes to create music, read books, and hang out with the Mrs and son while enjoying the finer things that life has to offer, like pizza and horror movies.

Writing in third person is weird, and Robert hates doing it 😂

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