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7 days full time at WP Dispensary

There’s now been 7 days in the books for me working full time on WP Dispensary and I want to take a little bit of time to talk about what I’ve been up to.

What’s been done

I made it a point to put some solid hours in this week and I feel like I accomplished a good amount in the time I spent working.

I published 3 blog posts.

In the first seven days, I wrote three blog posts; two were published on the WP Dispensary blog.

One was a post about the release of version 1.7 of the CannaBiz WordPress theme. The other was an outline of the new Developer Resource Center.

The third post was published here on my personal blog, discussing my jump into full time work with WP Dispensary.

Built two new pages for developers and dispensaries.

One of the larger objectives going full time with WP Dispensary was to put together content that was specific for both dispensary owners and freelance WordPress developers.

There is a 50/50 split with buyers, so I know that writing content to outline how WPD can help you specifically is an important next step.

So that’s exactly what I did.

The pages are largely the same as far as what they outline – the WP Dispensary plugin, it’s theme theme and add-on’s.

But each page has it’s own CTA specific to each visitor profile.

If you’re in the Developer Resource Center, you’ll get a CTA at the bottom of the page for the All-in-one Bundle.

If you’re on the Getting Started page for dispensaries, you’ll get a CTA at the bottom of the page for the Setup Service, which includes everything WPD has to offer and it’s all set up for you.

Released CannaBiz 1.7

I’m working hard to make sure CannaBiz is the #1 WordPress marijuana theme online.

This release is part of my continued support for this mission.

Included are style updates for WooCommerce (default Shop page layout & sidebar widgets), added support or the new vendor taxonomy in WP Dispensary and a few smaller fixes.

Read release notes.

Released Age Verification 1.5

There was a bug reported where the logo you upload through the Customizer in WordPress wasn’t displaying in the pop up.

This release fixes that issue. Now when you add your logo to the Age Verification section of your Customizer , it will display live on your site in the pop up.

Released Inventory Management 1.3

With this release, the available inventory is now hidden from Details table by default, with a checkbox to allow you to display it on the front end.

Concentrates inventory also got an update to include options for both grams and units, since WP Dispensary’s pricing structure was updated in version 1.9.6.

Logo reformatting

I’m working on the Brand Assets page for WP Dispensary and while doing that, I’ve finally given the logo a proper creation in Adobe Illustrator.

For the past two years, the website and graphics used to promote WPD have been a simple logo creation in Photoshop.

It’s about time that the brand itself gets a face-lift and the logo redesign is part of that process.

The new logo isn’t being placed anywhere live yet, since I’m working on the entire re-brand and brand guidelines.

Regardless, I’m happy I finally have it together and this upcoming week I’ll be pushing to have the Brand Assets page live.

Started working on…

Some things take time, so I started this first week off knowing that I could get the jump on a lot of the larger updates I’m working on.

This way, nothing I’m working on is stagnant for too long.

I built the main structure of the new Showcase page that I want up on WP Dispensary.

There’s a lot of cool places using something I built and I want to be able to show that off ?

As mentioned above, I have also started to build the new Brand Assets page.

It will have guidelines on how to use the WPD logo’s, promotional graphics you can use, etc.

The Brand Assets page is also another item I would like to get finalized in week 2 with WPD.

The newly released Styles add-on has also had work started on it’s version 1.1 release, plus work has begun on the new POS add-on that I signed an integrator contract for this week.

Overall, I’m feeling…

Happy as fuck.

It was a long week, but highly enjoyable.

Looking forward to the rest of this 90 day grind to see where everything ends up!

Thanks for following along.

I hope you go build something great today too ??


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