2017 Business goals for WP Dispensary - Robert DeVore

Hello 2017

This isn’t your average “2017 Goals” article with a list of bullshit and nonsense that I know damn well gets forgotten within the first couple of weeks into January.

There’s no exhaustive list of totally awesome shit I am going to accomplish or overly detailed blabbering about what 2016 taught me.

No resolutions.

No fucking around.

Just consistent work.

I’ll be narrowing my focus on growing WP Dispensary as a product and a business this upcoming year, building off of the 1 year birthday the plugin just had in November, and starting early with the recent release of WooConnect for WooCommerce.

Because this isn’t a “new years resolution”; it’s a way of life.

This has been my entire thought process for the last few months, and I’m doubling down on it in 2017.


Do less, better.


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