Relentless - How hungry are you for the success you claim to want?


I will hold $1,000,000 in my hands.

Bold statement, right?

Well, if fortune favors the bold, I plan on cashing in on it.

I understand that overnight success doesn’t mean that tomorrow morning I’ll wake up and be rich.

I’ve been building websites for almost 2 decades.

I’ve been releasing open source code for a little over a year.

I’ve been working on WP Dispensary for a little less than a year.

But I’ve known where I want to get to (that $1M cash in hand) for my whole life.

There’s been a lot of ups and downs throughout the years, and many lessons learned.

It’s now time to get a grip, buckle down and really put things into overdrive.

The plan is simple; work at a relentless pace, focused on constant improvements no matter how small, and never let up on the gas.

In order to get to my ultimate business goal, there’s some smaller steps along the way that I will need to take.

When I’ve been looking over my life and finding ways to better myself, I’ve been stuck on the word “relentless”.

I feel like when it comes to the goals I have in my life, this is the approach that will work best for me.

Some people might find a more relaxed approach is better, but for me the grind is where I feel most at home.

I have a never-ending hunger for success, and with the relentless pace I set for myself, I know I will accomplish all of my goals, big and small.

But without a proper plan in place, that’ll never work no matter how hard I work. So I’ve come up with some plans to help me get to where I’m trying to go.

Daily work

Building daily habits is one of the biggest tips on how to better your life, yet most people overlook this – myself included.

So my plan is simple; write down three actionable goals every day, work on these first before anything else and know that they’ll put me closer to my goals.

These daily goals won’t be monstrous items like “create a new WordPress plugin and release it”.

Instead, they’ll be smaller goals like “update the meta data output for WP Dispensary”.

By setting small goals for business, I’m able to every week look back and see at leas 21 things I’ve done to better myself, better my business and put me closer to the $1M goal.

Weekly goals

Every week I plan on having somewhat larger goals I would like to accomplish.

For instance, on Twitter I started using the #WPDWednesdays hashtag.

Every Wednesday I will be releasing something new, or an update to an add-on or theme.

Every. Single. Week.

This means that every month I will have at least 4 releases to the WP Dispensary ecosystem.

Sure, that might not sound like much by itself, but when you take 52 weeks in a year that means I’ll be 52 releases ahead of anyone who’s still in their planning stage.

As long as I hit that goal every Wednesday, I’ll feel like my weekly goal is accomplished.

But I won’t be stopping there. There’s more to do in business than just releases.

There’s writing documentation, marketing through social media and a million other things that need done.

So, every week I’ll be doing those things as well. Similar to how I set up my daily goals list, I’ll have a weekly goals list too, and on this list I’ll have #WPDWednesdays along with a couple of other larger goals.

Monthly maintenance

Now that I’ve got goal lists set for myself, I’ll need to take stock of what’s working and how I can pivot in order to better myself and my business week after week.

This is where the monthly maintenance comes into place.

Not only will I be looking over what I’ve done for the month, I’ll plan out ideas for the upcoming month that will take center stage in my weekly tasks, and hammered out through the daily tasks.

I’ll also take monthly stock of my web properties and look for things that are working great and find ways that I can increase traffic and revenue.

Physical Fitness

This is an area of my life that I’ve neglected more than I’d like to admit.

Sure, I’ve kept up with a somewhat normal workout schedule (a ‘three weeks on, 4 months off’ type of normal).

Instead of pretending that I’m doing enough, I have made a conscious decision to start working out more regularly.

I plan on doing something every day, regardless of how big or small of a workout it is.

Like everything else in life, as long as I’m moving forward, I’m OK with that, because in the long run these small wins will add up and pay off.

The hope here is that the increased physical fitness helps my business as well by keeping me clear headed and relaxed.

Plus, while I’m feeling stronger physically, that should be overflowing into my mental strength which will benefit my business goals.

Win/Win ?

Key takeaway

That sums up my views when it comes to my personal life and my business life.

As long as I’m making focused moves towards all of my goals, I’ll get to where I want to be in life.

With all that said, it’s time to get back to the grind.

See you at the top!


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