Dispensary Details for WooCommerce - A new WordPress plugin

Dispensary Details for WooCommerce

I recently built and released a new plugin on WP Dispensary that works 100% without WP Dispensary.

“But didn’t you just jump in full time to build WP Dispensary? Why create something that doesn’t work with it?”

I know, right?

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There is definitely a reason I chose to build a separate plugin for WooCommerce that works 100% independently from WP Dispensary.

Although it may not be that over complicated and well thought out ?

Because it is something companies need, so why not be the one who provides it for them?

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Actually, I have had people say that clients of theirs use WooCommerce already and don’t necessarily want to switch over to WP Dispensary.

While I hate to hear that since I have an impartial love for WP Dispensary, I understand it from a business perspective.

So, instead of leaving a need out there, I looked at WP Dispensary and knew I could create a standalone plugin that added the proper details and displayed cleanly within the WooCommerce structure.

That’s where Dispensary Details for WooCommerce was born.

A simple need that I want to make sure is taken care of.

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So what does it do?

What it does is simple; add in custom taxonomies and metaboxes for a variety of details from aroma to vendor, ingredients and compound details.

These are added into the back end of WordPress, directly in the Add/Edit page for WooCommerce products.

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click to view taxonomies

Once you’ve added in your information into the back end, I’ve added in a new product tab next to Description and Reviews – Details – which will output your dispensary details in a clean table.

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I utilized one of the tricks in my custom post types for WordPress post and each of the taxonomies get flushed on activation so your permalinks will work for the archives of Aromas , Edibles , etc.

Keep. It. Simple. Stupid.

I’ve really found a lot of power in simplicity lately.

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Cutting out the negative people, places and things, leaving only an intense focus on one specific goal has been great.

This plugin is just a byproduct of that.

Enjoy ??

Check out the Dispensary Details for WooCommerce product page for more information and purchasing details.


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