Pushing your product online is about to get a lot easier.

Today I am releasing my newest WordPress theme, Peddle, into the wild.

It’s a free WordPress theme that fully integrates with the Easy Digital Downloads plugin, which lets you (surprise, surprise) sell your digital products online through your own website.

Why the name Peddle? I chose the name Peddle for two reasons.

First, because Easy Digital Downloads abbreviates itself as EDD, and I wanted a theme name that had EDD in it.

Second, because of the definition of the word Peddle and how well it fits the theme of an online store.

to deal out, distribute, or dispense – Dictionary

Building this theme was actually a lot of fun because I was able to move past the regular blog theme setup and expand my knowledge of how WordPress works even further.

Plus, I have a website that I’m working on that I need EDD integration for (more on this later), so I was kind of scratching my own itch here.


Demo & Download

First, check out the live demo.

I would love to submit it to the official WordPress repository, but if you’ve been following along for the past month, I’ve released two themes (Clean Blog & MNML), submitted the first theme to the repository, and have yet to receive any type of response.

For now, if you like the Peddle theme, you can download it on Github.

Github Repository · Download

Under the hood

One thing I made sure to do with this theme is build it so that even if you don’t have Easy Digital Downloads activated, it’ll still work great.

This means that if you like the theme and want to use it for your blog you can, and it will still function perfectly.

But that’s not what you’re here for. You’re here to download a WordPress theme for your Easy Digital Downloads enabled shop, right?

Good, because I’ve got you covered with a bunch of options to customize your site with this theme.

Page templates

peddle-page-templates When you set up your shop, you will need to create a new page and select the “EDD Store Front” page template, which will add the shop grid and welcome text to the page.

For instance, in the theme demo I created a page titled “Shop”, selected the “EDD Store Front” page template and hit Publish.


You can also change the template to “EDD Page Template” for any other page on your website, which will replace the default sidebar with a EDD custom sidebar that you can add your own shop widgets to.

Widget areas

The Peddle theme also has a few different widgetized areas that you can customize.

There’s the default sidebar that shows up on all posts and pages, as well as the EDD Sidebar which will show up on any page you add the “EDD Page” template to.

For the footer, there are four rows you can add widgets to.


Customizer options

Want to change the default pink color that’s used throughout the theme? Simple, click the “Colors” section in the Customizer, and change the color.

Want to add in a logo to replace the text title? You can do that directly in the Customizer too, in the “Site Title (Logo) & Tagline” section.

When you activate the Easy Digital Downloads plugin, you’ll also see a new section in the Customizer titled “Easy Digital Downloads” that gives you some control over aspects of your shop.

You can add a shop title and description that will show up above the grid of products.

The product description shows by default, but you’re also able to check a box to hide it, giving your products a cleaner look (in my opinion).

Another cool option is that you can choose how many products show on each page in your shop. It defaults to 9, but you can change it to any number you’d like.

Just remember that the shop is built on a grid of three items per row, so 8 might not look as good as 9 (or 3, 6, 9, 12, etc).

You are also able to customize the footer copyright and social icons by going to the Customizer and selecting – you guessed it – the “Footer” section.

Here you’re able to add your own copyright message to override what currently shows up in the theme. You can also add in your social media profile links for 11 different social websites.

If you have a social profile that’s not currently an option in the Customizer, let me know and it might just make it into a future release 🙂

Credits & Thank-you’s

Without the open source projects below, this theme would have never came together the way that it has. I’d like to say thank you to everyone who was indirectly a part of this WordPress theme’s release.

The road ahead

Thank you for taking the time to read this entire release post.

The future of Peddle is actually pretty bright.

I’ve got plans on integration support for a bunch of the add-ons that EDD offers, giving you the ability to extend your shop further and not worry about how things may look, because it’s already taken care of for you 🙂

If you find any bugs or have feature requests, make sure you leave a comment below, or head over to the Github repository.

For now, take the Peddle theme for a test drive, download it (Github Repository · direct download), and let me know how you like it.

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