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  • Improve CLS scores by dynamically setting image width and height

    While working on WordPress performance optimization for myself and for my clients, I’ve come across an issue that repeatedly affected CLS scores in a negative way. Luckily for myself (and now you, too), I created a fix that has helped reduced CLS when rouge images without explicit width and height attributes are the offenders. For…

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  • Introducing IntelliPress: The Smart Ai Assistant for WordPress

    The last time I was this excited to announce a new baby, it was my son 馃槀 Today I’d like to formally introduce you to IntelliPress, an AI WordPress plugin that integrates with the OpenAI API. It’s built to help you write content faster, optimize it for search engines, generate featured images from Pexels, and…

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  • How to customize the style of your WordPress login screen

    This post is going to show you how to add a few small code snippets to change the appearance of the WordPress login screen. We’ll walk through the process of changing the default WordPress logo to your own using the login_headertext filter that was added in WordPress 5.2 And I’m going to break down how…

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