Introducing IntelliPress: The Smart Ai Assistant for WordPress

The last time I was this excited to announce a new baby, it was my son 😂

Today I’d like to formally introduce you to IntelliPress, an AI WordPress plugin that integrates with the OpenAI API.

It’s built to help you write content faster, optimize it for search engines, generate featured images from Pexels, and more.

ChatGPT hit the scene and changed everything.

But then just like the internet always does, it quickly made ChatGPT (the web app) look ancient.

The types of apps I saw people build on top of the OpenAI API caused me to spiral into a week-long brainstorming session where I listed all of the ways I could think of to integrate AI with WordPress.

IntelliPress made the most sense and gave me the Ah-ha moment I knew I needed before deciding to jump head-first into a new project.

WordPress + AI = 😍

Some text here about the blending of the two, and how it’s only getting bigger over time

The Idea: aka “I wonder if” …

Picture it, a middle-aged developer sitting on the couch with his laptop after his wife and (almost) 3-year-old finally fell asleep.

He’s tired, and his brain just so happens to bounce around to a million different things when he’s tired.

Lucky for him, because on this fateful night, the exhausted web developer had a brilliant idea 💡

When you look at the Twitter thread, you’ll see I was up until after 4am that night.

I was genuinely inspired.

It’s the first time in years that I’ve had that feeling.

The last time was when I launched WP Dispensary in 2015 (more on that another day).

The next two weeks were a blur

What followed was 2 weeks of extremely late nights, mixed with more than a few sleepless nights.

I’ve been excited to wake up and return to work after passing out from exhaustion at 4 am.

And since I was building a brand new product, it was only right that I would dogfood it while building the IntelliPress website 😎

I’ve made some small tweaks to the content, but in order to get the site launched as quickly as possible, I used IntelliPress to write its own content … ALL OF IT.

The home page, about page, documentation, and support pages were all written by AI.

Some text is more noticeable than others, which could be because of trying different prompts and editing on the fly.

I’ve made small edits myself and will continue to alter the content until I’m happy with it.

Human + AI = ❤️

What’s under the hood?

Let’s break down the different features of the IntelliPress plugin.

This will be a high-level overview since I have a more detailed post coming about the technical side of what’s being done (with code examples 🔥)

Generate content seamlessly in Gutenberg

The main goal I had when building IntelliPress was to make it work directly within the Gutenberg editor, and not simply add a chat box modal.

The result is the Content Generator block, which comes with a few built-in options and a topic field for you to generate content that gets published directly within the Gutenberg editor 🔥

Filters are included for each of the settings in the generator, so you can alter it to include different options for yourself or client websites.

Optimize SEO with Yoast

Once you have your content generated, or even if you’ve written every word by hand, the next step in the publishing process is SEO optimization.

IntelliPress has you covered 👀

Now with the click of a button, you can have AI analyze your content and then generate a focus keyword, title, and description which automatically populates the Yoast SEO plugin.

Analyze Your Content and Generate Categories

Similar to how the AI analyzes your content for SEO, it will also do it to intelligently categorize your content.

In ~7 seconds, you can have your content categorized, allowing you to move on to other tasks you have more passion for.

Generate featured images instantly with Pexels integration

The next thing I knew I wanted IntelliPress to help with was setting a featured image programmatically.

I know there’s Dalle-2 that can be used from OpenAI but for the initial release, I wanted something that offered real photos before branching out to more creative solutions.

You can add your Pexels API key in the IntelliPress settings. Then when you click the “Generate Image” button, it analyzes your content, gets a relevant search term, and then randomizes a result from the Pexels API.

Summarize your content with the TLDR block

Last but not least is the AI-generated summary that you can include in your content before publishing.

Do you write a lot of content and want to give people a high-level overview of what’s in the content?

Now you can, with the help of artificial intelligence 🤖

As you can see, the integration with Gutenberg lets you take the content generated and turn it into something even more eye-catching.

Try out IntelliPress today

I just released version 1.1.0 of the IntelliPress plugin a few minutes ago, which includes a new panel for the settings, a title field generator, and additional language translations.

Head over to the IntelliPress website and grab your copy today so you can start revolutionizing your content creation process 💪💯


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