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  • Introducing IntelliPress: The Smart Ai Assistant for WordPress

    The last time I was this excited to announce a new baby, it was my son 馃槀 Today I’d like to formally introduce you to IntelliPress, an AI WordPress plugin that integrates with the OpenAI API. It’s built to help you write content faster, optimize it for search engines, generate featured images from Pexels, and…

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  • Chapters for Authors

    It’s amazing what you can come up with randomly over the weekend while doing a dozen other things ? Case in point – Chapters for Authors ? This is a new plugin I built from an idea I got when I read a tweet from Ines van Essen, who is building a plugin for bloggers to gamify…

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  • Recent project updates

    Since late last year I’ve been hard at work on various development projects. While I’ve spent time blogging about each of them here, I haven’t updated the posts with new details about each of the projects. This post is aiming to do that. WP Dispensary This has been my biggest focus the last couple of…

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  • Slackedd

    Towards the end of last year, I tweeted that I was working on something with the Easy Digital Downloads payment success function, and today I am able to share the fruits of that labor. Slackedd WordPress plugin Receive notification through Slack when you make a sale with Easy Digital Downloads. Slackedd, once installed and configured,…

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