Slackedd - payment notifications from Easy Digital Downloads to Slack


Towards the end of last year, I tweeted that I was working on something with the Easy Digital Downloads payment success function, and today I am able to share the fruits of that labor.

Slackedd WordPress plugin

Receive notification through Slack when you make a sale with Easy Digital Downloads.

Slackedd, once installed and configured, will send a notification to your Slack channel of choice every time you make a sale through your Easy Digital Downloads store.

This plugin is the perfect solution if you spend a lot of time in Slack and would like to be notified when your digital products are being purchased. Slackedd lets your wish come true, without having to log into your WordPress dashboard.

Take me to the download


Slackedd is not allowed in the WordPress plugin repo

I submitted Slackedd to the official WordPress plugin repo but received a notification email that you can no longer use trademarked names in your plugin name if you do not legally represent said company.

I did however receive a great note from the reviewer. Thank you, kind reviewer

I am SO mad at the law!

So… you’re not Slack 🙁 Slackedd is the BEST FREAKING SLUG FOR THIS EVER.

I can’t let it in. Damn it! This is why we can’t have cool things 🙁 The official rejection form is below and I am really annoyed I have to do this. This is one of the best names 🙁

Well, that sucks 🙁

Automatic Updates from Github

If you would still like to use this plugin and receive update notifications, you can.

With the help of the WordPress Github Plugin Updater originally created by Joey Kudish, Slackedd will allow you to have automatic updates any time a new version of this plugin is released.

Continue reading for install instructions.


Below are the steps to installing this plugin on your website.

  1. Upload the slackedd folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or add it directly through your WordPress admin dashboard
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  3. Go to Downloads > Extensions and customize all of the settings in Slackedd (required in order for the plugin to work)


The first screenshot is the settings page where you can customize the Slackedd Bot, and the second screenshot is how the Slackedd Bot will look in your Slack channel.


Slackedd Bot output in Slack
Slackedd Bot output in Slack

Thank you’s

First, this plugin wouldn’t be possible without Slack offering up an API that is easy to work with and highly documented.

The same can be said about Easy Digital Downloads. Your code is well documented and there’s code examples and helpful people on Twitter which makes creating plugins like this easy, and fun.

For the automatic updates code included in this plugin, I have to thank Joey Kudish for creating WordPress Github Plugin Updater and Radish Concepts for maintaining it.

Finally, I would like to thank Squiz Labs for PHP_CodeSniffer and everyone involved with the WordPress Coding Standards project, making it a breeze to check this plugins code against the WordPress Coding Standards.


You can download the Slackedd WordPress plugin via Github.


Want to contribute to the plugin? Head over to the Github repository and submit any issues you find or pull requests. Your contributions are both welcomed and appreciated.


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