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  • Dispensary Details for WooCommerce

    I recently built and released a new plugin on WP Dispensary that works 100% without WP Dispensary. “But didn’t you just jump in full time to build WP Dispensary? Why create something that doesn’t work with it?” I know, right?

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  • Hello 2017

    This isn’t your average “2017 Goals” article with a list of bullshit and nonsense that I know damn well gets forgotten within the first couple of weeks into January. There’s no exhaustive list of totally awesome shit I am going to accomplish or overly detailed blabbering about what 2016 taught me. No resolutions. No fucking around.

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  • Relentless

    I will hold $1,000,000 in my hands. Bold statement, right? Well, if fortune favors the bold, I plan on cashing in on it. I understand that overnight success doesn’t mean that tomorrow morning I’ll wake up and be rich. I’ve been building websites for almost 2 decades. I’ve been releasing open source code for a…

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